Kaishin Gallery


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To live as a human being
Art and culture do not serve directly to daily life.
However, they are essentials for a human being to live as a human being.
A calligraphic work by Mr. KAISHIN is as if it is a picture.
It is an eye-grabbing work.
The work rouses me to think how I wish to write with brushwork like this.
A good calligraphic work is understand what is written and with endearing message.
While I was in office as a chairman of NHK, I had a work done by Robert Heindel on the wall. And right next to that, I had Mr. KAISHIN’s work of “IROHA UTA.”
In my retirement, I took the “IROHA UTA” back home as a personal belongings, and placed it in the most relaxing place of my private resort.

Former New National Theatre, Tokyo President
Former Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Director
Former Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK, Chairman
Former Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. President